Date: Monday, June 23, 2014      
Heavy basic repair works completed at Shazand (Arak) Petrochemical Complex
Heavy basic repair works completed  at  Shazand (Arak) Petrochemical Complex

Basic repair works at Shazand Petrochemical Complex in Arak were successfully completed by domestic experts who enabled the complex to start its operation.
Managing Director of the shazand petrochemical company Khodadad Gharibpour told IRNA that basic repair works should be conducted every two or three years but for the past seven years due to the sanctions and lack of cooperation by foreign companies these operations have been delayed.
Gharibpour further noted that 90% of the specialized parts required for the repair works were manufactured inside the country and only 10% were foreign made.
“One of the remarkable achievements in the basic repair works is gaining access to the technical knowledge and self-sufficiency in changing catalysts in the reactors of oxide ethylene unit which previously used to be done by a Korean company. Performance of this operation by the experts of the company and cooperation of domestic companies resulted in saving the country 700 thousand euro.”
Implementation of the plan for the development of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) unit had been on the company’s agenda since 10 years ago which, despite the sanctions and lack of cooperation by the British, Italian and Japanese companies was carried out by domestic experts, he added.
Gharibpour said that over 1.6 million tons of chemical and polymer products are produced in Shazand Petrochemical Complex annually half of which are final products which could be sold and the remaining are intermediate and medium products.


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