Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015      
New Compounder Established at Polypropylene Unit
New Compounder Established at Polypropylene Unit
Featuring the managing director, compounder section at polypropylene unit of the complex was established and put into operation.

As report of public relations and international affairs says, compounder section of polypropylene (PP) unit was successfully established and put into operation by Mr. Gharibpour on Tuesday May 12th, 2015.
A number of other related managers and chiefs were also present at the ceremony. Mr. Abedi, the head to operation unit, zone II, shed light on the section design, installation, and establishment processes.
After expressing his gratitude for continuous efforts of the respective workers, the managing director considered the installation of the compounder a great success to Shazand Petrochemical Company, through which productivity of the PP unit would be hopefully much improved.
It should be noted that the aim of the project was to make it possible to produce the corresponding valuable compounds and increase extruder productivity up to 2 tons per hour. With respect to the high value added of the compounds, it is assumed that the newly established compounder can produce high-quality compounds.
Production capacity of the compounder is 4 tons per hour.
With regard to the difference between powder and pallet price in the present market, it will be economically more profitable to offer high-quality pallet to the market.
Also, considering the needs of larger companies and industries such as the automotive and home appliances industries to PP-unit-based compounds and their satisfaction through products of non-standard low-capacity industries, it is hoped that, with its high productivity and quality, the present compounder be a proper sub supplier to the larger industries.
Finally, the new compounder, which is a co-production of Germany and Italy and has a 1.5-billion-Euro  and 20-billion-Rial production cost, has the highest compounding capacity among all compounders operating in Iran.

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