Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016      
Shazand Petrochemical Company among the selected top hundred companies
Shazand Petrochemical Company among the selected top hundred companies
Shazand Petrochemical Company was selected as one of the hundred top companies of the country for several consecutive years.

According to the report of Public Relations & International Affairs, the ceremony of selecting the top hundred companies of the country was held on 01/26/2016 in IRIB International Conference Center.
The ceremony was held with the attendance of the Executive Vice President and a number of managers and officials of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. In this ceremony, One hundred top companies of the country were appreciated by granting prize and statuette.
Mr. Gharibpour, the Managing Director of Shazand Petrochemical Company also participated in this important industrial ceremony and event.
It should be noted that the purpose of ranking the country's top companies is clarifying our country’s business atmosphere and extending competition between Iranian companies. The selection procedure of the top companies is obtained from 28 indexes which “sales” is the most important one. In brief 28 indexes include: Size and growth indexes such as sales and employment, and so on, profitability and performance indexes, export indexes, liquidity indexes, debt indexes and market indexes. This year, top companies are divided into 29 industrial groups so that each manufacturing firm has seen its position among other competitors. The ranking results of this year, which represents the power of the industrial groups in the fields of business and economy of the country, are frequently used by economic policymakers and governance systems.
Among the selected top 500 companies in terms of export index and attracting exchange, the first three groups include: petrochemical 48%, oil products group (12%), and multi-disciplinary industrial companies have 10 percent of it.


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