Great Objectives shazand Petrochemical Company
  • Maintain and enhanced value of the stock in long-term 
  • Key stakeholder or beneficiaries satisfaction 
  • Increase the proportion of new target markets 
  • manufacturing of new or develop products 

Selected strategies shazand Petrochemical Company
Competitive positioning stabilization:

Maintaining customer loyalty and sustain or increase of sale by their satisfaction and enhancement of the Brand

Product and market development:

Increase sales through supply or current service, furthermore new product or service in new markets

   Office:   No.68., Taban St., Vali-e-Asr Ave., Tehran-Iran  
  Tel: +98 21 82120 Fax: +98 21 82121

   Factory:   22nd Km of Borujred Rd., Arak -Iran
  Tel: +98 86 32630 Fax: +98 86 32631