Poly Butadiene Rubber(PBR)
 Salable Capacity/Ton
 Production Capacity/Ton
 30000  30000

High Cis1,4-Polybutadiene: Poly Butadiene Rubber(PBR) 
Application ML4
Grade Name
Tire & conveyor belts, sole & shoes industry 45 PBR-1220
PBR-1210S 50 PBR-1210S
  • Specification Of Chemicals Used In The Compound
  • Carbon Black HAF: IRB No. conforming to NBS –SRM NO.378
  • Zinc Oxide (white zine): NBS-SRM NO.370 JIS K-1410 No.1
  • Stearic Acid: NBS-SRM NO.372 Fractional fatty acid of JIS K-3341
  • Oil: NBS Oil type 103 (sansen 4240 of Japan sun oil Co.)
  • Accelerator (TBBS): U.S. monaanto's santocure – NS conforming to NBS-SRM NO.384
  • Sulfur: NBS-SRM NO.371, one type of JIS K-6222.325 meah product

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